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Live CLean, Live Confidently

Diamond Shine Crew in Everett, Washington, provides a wide range of housekeeping services. Our residential cleaning services may vary from a light everyday clean to a deep clean. Leave the job to us and we will make your home feeling and looking like new.


Residential Cleaning Available

Let's get your home back to its former glory. This service is offered as one-time deep clean, which is perfect if you are moving out of your home.  Cleanings can be schedualed on a regular basis to fit around your schedule.


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Standard Cleaning Includes

Dusting all surfaces though out the home such as:

  1. Ceiling Fans/ Light Fixtures
  2. Lamps
  3. Collectibles/ Knick Knacks
  4. Woodwork
  5. Furniture
  6. Shelves
  7. Baseboards

Included Standard Cleaning:

1. Vacuum Carpets
2. Vacuum under Furniture/ Couch Cushions
3.  Sweeping
4. Mopping/ or Steam Clean Hard Floors
5. Empty Trash Tough Out Home
6. Empty and Clean Ash Trays
1. Wipe Down and Sanitize Counters
2. Appliances
3. Cabinet Doors and Hardware
4. Range Top
5. Refrigerator
6. Microwave
7. Backsplashes
8. Tables, Chairs, and Bar stools
9.  Floors
1. Wipe Down and Sanitize Counters
2. Sinks/ Faucets
3. Shower and Tub
4. Toilet
5  Cabinets
6. Sweep and Steam Clean Floors
7. Clean Mirrors/ Glass Doors

Standard Cleaning

Our standard cleaning includes sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, and dusting all surfaces such as: picture frames lamps, woodwork, shelves, baseboards, etc.

Vacuum under furniture, under couch cushions, and emptying waste baskets throughout the home. As well as dry or wet mop surfaces and steam clean.

Kitchen cleaning entails washing dishes, cleaning counters, & sinks. We also clean countertops, tables & chairs, range tops, refrigerator exterior and top, sinks & microwave.  We will clean all the areas to give your kitchen that added sparkle.

Bathroom Cleaning consists of an entire wipe down of the shower, bath tub, sinks, vanity area, backsplash, toilet, floors, tile wall etc.  --also will sweep and mop the floor.


Deep Home Cleaning

We also help with Deep cleans necessary in renovations in remodels, and moving out to bring your home back to that perfect clean, this may be everything from  patching of holes, and wiping walls down, and touching up paint.  Removing stains by spot removal, and shampooing carpets 

Estimates on Services:

We will come to you for an ocular, go room to room, and have you tell us your specifications. Afterwards, we will create a checklist of your needed services and then generate the needed hours to complete the job. Estimates will be based on the number of cleaning hours; deep cleaning is estimated at a separate cost.

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