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Keeping Offices Clean for Maximum Employee Productivity

Diamond Shine Crew is a cleaning company based in Everett, Washington, offering a full line of commercial cleaning services. These are ideal for business owners, banks, warehouse offices, or any other type of commercial space. Even if it takes all morning or overnight, our professional crew cleans any business from top to bottom.


Commercial Cleaning Contract

Our services are available on contract for six or 12 months. On either standard contract, we clean once a week. However, contracts are customizable for more cleaning services in a week. Get discounted prices with multiple cleanings per week. The more cleaning services or the longer the contract, the larger the discount you get.

Standard Cleaning

Tidiness is the key to efficiency, and a cleaner work environment puts people at ease. Thus, leave it to us to keep your offices spotless. Our standard cleaning includes wiping of windows and desktops, vacuuming floors, computer dusting, removing trash, and dry or wet mopping of floors. Aside from that, we also clean office bathrooms including toilets, sinks, and mirrors. Leave it to us to replace paper products in the bathroom.

Deep Office Cleaning

Our deep cleaning services include wiping down walls, buffing of floors, as well as carpet cleaning and shampooing. We also clean the break room or kitchen, which includes cleaning the fridge, oven, and stove tops.

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