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Cleanliness Begins with Us 

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Carpet Cleaning

Clean+Protect= Extended Life 

Diamond Shine Crew uses care in your carpet cleaning needs.  We are able to lift old stains out safely and effectively. We are able to do this though our 3 step process.

First we will walk through and perform a carpet inspection looking for any trouble spots that may need extra attention and care.  Through this process we will be pretreating areas to begin the lifting of stains and dirt. 

Next we will clean the area with highly concentrated solution to get deep into the carpet and remove traces of use and wear.  High traffic areas will be gone over more extensively to give the entire room the uniformed look of new carpet.  Our machine will also be removing dirt and bacteria from the carpet. 

Lastly we want you to be able to enjoy your clean carpet for as long as possible and extend its life.  That is why we will be treating with a preventative stain protector. 

Furniture Cleaning

Furniture cleaning is available whether it may be in time for a little freshening up or a deep clean. Our professionals will be able to restore the look and feel as well provide use for many years of use to come.

Spot Removal

If your carpet is in need of a light clean or removal of spots, we will be able to do so by applying steamed heat and solution to area to remove stains.

Pet Odor Removal / Odor Removal

Odor removal is done by locating the area and the reason for the odor then neutralizing the area prior to cleaning.   What many people do not realize is that cleaning the area may not be enough. Often the cause of the odor will resurface, if not properly pretreated.  

Fast Drying Carpet Cleaning, Stain Removal, and Professional Cleaning

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